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TAC34 - P25 Tone Decoder w/4 Relay Outputs for Motorola XTL & APX Mobiles

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Introducing the TAC34 Motorola XTL & APX Mobile Radio plug and play tone decoder, the TAC34 is designed to connect directly to the Accessory port on the back of your radio with the included Radio interface cable. 

P25 Two Tone Decoder / Station Alert Trigger for Direct Connection to Motorola XTL & APX Accessory Connector.

Works on the Following Motorola Models:
XTL Mobile Radios
APX Mobile Radios

The TAC34 is capable of controlling four 1 Amp Rated relays with Single Tones, Two-Tone sequential (No Gap) or DTMF signaling. The Single and Two-Tone sequential Tones are completely user settable from 260-3500hz. Minimum tone lengths can be 0.1 to 9.9 seconds per tone. Bandwidth threshold allows user to adjust from .1% to 2.9% Tone Tolerance, a very useful feature for two-tone over digital P25 Systems. This offers complete versatility to allow the use of any tone, tone pair or tone length regardless of whether it is standard or not-standard.  In Two-Tone Sequential mode each relay can be assigned 3 different tone pairs for activation and a 4th to cancel. In total 12 Tone Sets can be programmed to activate various relays. In DTMF mode there are 4 activation codes and 1 cancel code of up to 11 digits in length per relay output. In Total 16 DTMF tones can be set to activate various relays   Each relay can be programmed for several different timing parameters.  Delayed activation, relay on-time (or Latching), wait-time and repeat time.  All timers are programmable from 1-255 seconds. 

The TAC34 is designed to be used as a trigger point for Existing Alert Controllers, larger relays connected to the Tone Decoder as triggering point. This allows maximum flexibility for your situational needs.

Package Includes:
TAC34 Tone Alert Controller
Motorola XTL & APX Interface Cable (Includes Ignition Sense and Speaker Connection)
USB Flash Drive w/ Instructions and Programming Software
USB Cable for Programming

TAC34 Programming Manual