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SA951 - VHF Version 146-174Mhz - Tone Decoder & Advanced Station Alert Controller

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Controller Kit Includes:

  • SA951 Alert Controller 
  • Controller Programming to Specs
  • 12VDC 5A Power Cord
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Pager Interface Cable
  • 1/8" Stereo to Stereo Cable
  • 1/8" Stereo to Dual RCA Cable
  • USB Programming Cable
  • USB Flash Drive w/Programming Software & Drivers
  • Users Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty 

Radio Kits Include all of the above items plus:

  • VHF Radio (Will Program to Frequency)
  • Interface Cable
  • Radio Programming to Specs

The SA951 Advanced Alert Controller is a durable, reliable station alert controller designed to meet the needs of First Responders when every second counts.

This Controller Alerts First responders quickly and efficiently around the station when a call is received. The Controller is designed to decode 1 & 2-tone or DTMF tones on Conventional VHF & UHF frequencies or P25 Talkgroups. The controller can also be activated via Radio GPIO pin activations, COR (Carrier Detect), or even Voice/Audio Detect. Radio Administrators can seamlessly interface this controller into an existing base station radio with the DB9 Radio Interface Port. 911 Systems LLC also offers compact Conventional & DMR VHF or UHF Radio option that can mount directly to the SA951 housing.

Each 1- or 2-tone Set, DTMF Set, Input Trigger, and Pager Port can enable specific output ports for automation, power lights, and other notification devices and play custom audio over your station speakers, followed by live dispatch information audio. Heart Safe alerting is easy to accomplish with user-selectable / loadable audio files.

Multi-Agency Alerting is easy with the included Unication / Motorola Pager 5-Pin DIN Interface. The Pager Interface allows for expanded alerting capabilities, such as notification of mutual aid calls that may be dispatched on a separate radio system or connecting a weather radio for All Hazard Warnings. The Accessory / Pager Connection is alternatively used to connect a 2nd Radio's audio to the SA951 for stations that my only receive 2-tone activations on VHF but have clearer or better audio by connecting to a P25 Radio for monitoring the radio audio.

Not only does the SA951 Controller notify First Responders in the Firehouse but can also send an Audio Transmission back to the dispatcher. Hence, they know a specific alert system or siren is activated using the Transpond Function. This feature allows the user to set a pre-programmed audio message to transmit back to the dispatcher through the connected radio for emergencies, for example, an emergency button pressed on the front ramp or other scenarios as seen fit by the system administrator.

The Transpond function can also transmit a 2-tone set on a specific frequency after a programmable action occurs. If your pager reception is bad for example and you have an alternate frequency to use legally you could alert members in dead spots close to the station via sending a two-tone set out automatically when the SA951 Decodes a specific tone set on the main dispatch frequency. This also applies to the use of a button that could be pressed in the firehouse and configured to transmit a 2-tone message sent out over the connected radio to activate members' pagers followed by transmitting a message on a portable device to the mobile radio.

The 8 Fully Configurable Outputs can be programmed to activate by any of the programmable triggers. The Outputs are Rated for 5 amps each and can be configured to provide a 12V+/- Power Connection, Switched Ground Output, or Normally Open Relay that closes like a switch when activated. The flexibility of the Outputs allows you to hook up different color lights for different tone set activations, Unlock Keyfob keyfob-activated doors after an alert for a set amount of time, disconnect your stove* and so much more.

The Controller has 4 user-configurable manual inputs that can be connected to buttons and placed as needed. Some examples are the Emergency Button in the Weight Room, the Medical Emergency Button for the Front Ramp, Manual Activation in the Officer's Room or Watch Office, Door Bells, and many more.

The SA951, when paired with a user-provided radio or Optional Maxon SD Series Radio, is a powerhouse station alert controller with near limitless possibilities to enhance and expedite emergency responses to your community.

Main Features:

  • 2-Tone, Single Tone Decoder & DTMF Decoding
  • Audio Detect Trigger via Radio or Pager Audio Input
  • COR Alert Trigger (Useful for Talkgroup Dispatching)
  • 5-Pin DIN port for Secondary Alerting by Motorola Minitor, Unication G-Series Pagers, NOAA Weather Radios or secondary radio interface
  • 3.5mm Audio input jack (Connecting Scanners or radios without ACC. Port)
  • 3.5mm PA Output Jack for Alert and Radio Audio Out to PA
  • 4 mappable Input triggers for door bells, Manual Alert Activations or other external triggers
  • Monitor Mode or Alert Mode Switchable
  • 12VDC Operation Makes Adding Lights and other Notification devices simple and affordable.
  • 8 Fully Configurable Outputs w/ Switched 12V+, Switched Ground or Dry Relay Contact (Jumper Selectable per Relay)
  • Removable Terminal Plugs for Easy Connection
  • USB Programmable
  • Works with Conventional, P25, NXDN & DMR Radio Systems

 Some Additional Features:

  • Interfaces to any public safety radio with an available accessory connector
  • The on-Board tone decoder allows independent audio alerts and output activations based on the tones decoded
  • Multi-Format Decoder; DTMF, Single Tone & 2-Tone Capable.
  • 2 Radio Input Triggers built into the 9-pin Radio Interface Connection. These would be used in conjunction with Motorola VIP pins or other radio output trigger pins with features such as P25 Call Alert
  • The audio input jack makes it easy to connect a radio or scanner that does not have an accessory jack to the controller for tone decoding or alert activation.
  • Audio Detect Function can be used to connect an audio source that only makes sounds. Went there is an alert/emergency, and the SA951 can recognize this and activate a specific alert procedure upon detecting the audio.
  • Day/Night Mode - Switch allows the radio audio to be silenced at night unless there is a call activation.
  • Much Much More.

Contact Us Today for More Information on this advanced Alert Solution for your firehouse or Public Safety Outfit.

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