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Station Alert 812+ (SA812+) Controller Kit For Minitor and Unication Pagers

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Will Ship By: 7/19/2024

Due to Overwhelming Demand for the SA812 Controller, Shipping is Delayed on These Units. Orders will be fulfilled in the the order that they are received.

SA812+ Station Alert Controller Kit Includes:
SA812+ Controller
12VDC 5 Amp Power Supply
5-Pin DIN Pager Motorola & Unication Pager Link Cable
User Manual

The Station Alert SA812+ Controller is designed to be connected directly to a Unication G Series or Motorola Minitor Amplified Charger. The SA812+ Has a pre-installed LED light on the front of the unit and has user selectable flash patters. It has user-configurable operating modes and dual outputs with independent time settings. The Outputs can be configured for direct 12vdc-connected devices such as our available LEDs and Bells or can be configured as a dry contact relay to control other external devices. The included LED indication light on the rear panel allows you to see the current state or status of the alert controller.

The SA812+ is our first pager-connected alert controller that offers standard screw terminal connections for both outputs and external input. The input allows you to interface items such as a manual activation button or a 2nd pager for mutual aid jurisdictions. These screw terminal connections make it easy to connect devices without a proprietary connector.

Relay K2 has two connections, one being on the rear of the controller and the other available on the inside of the controller housing. This secondary connection is designed to allow users to affix LEDs or other notification devices directly to the housing of the alert controller. 

The user selects all setting and times from inside the controller. These settings include the following operating modes and times:

Operating Modes:
SA812+ allows user to choose from multiple operating modes. See Manual for available options.

Time Settings: (K1 and K2 Have Independent Times)
1 Seconds
3 Seconds
5 Seconds
10 Seconds
15 Seconds
30 Seconds
45 Seconds
1 Minute
3 Minutes
5 Minutes
10 Minutes
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
*K1 relay can also be set to cycle from 1-16 times, this would be used to cycle Gongs, Bells or Klaxons.

The SA812+ Replaces the SA2+ Controller.