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Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024

Station Alert Kit 3 (SA3 Controller) w/Remote Button and 2 Choices of Alert Devices

Original price $449.95 - Original price $479.95
Original price
$449.95 - $479.95
Current price $479.00

The Station Alert 3 is designed to operate up to 20 Alerting devices (Depending on power Supply & Notification Devices) and is activated by your existing pager. The SA3 Model adds the remote button port which allows you to add a remote activation button in your radio room or watch office. For each alert activation there are 2 12vdc outputs and each have an independent timer. So you can have your bell(s) activate for a selected amount of time and your LEDs or Strobes activate for a separate amount of time. The timers are user programmable and come set to Bell Activation: 5 Seconds and Light Activation: 60 Seconds.

The SA3 controller can be used with the following Alert Receivers/Pagers:

  • Motorola Minitor Amplified Chargers (Minitor 3 thru 6) w/ CBL1
  • Unication G-Series Amplified Chargers (G1 thru G5) w/ CBL1
  • Swissphone Voice and Alphanumeric Pagers w/Din Port
  • Veetronix 2TR9A Alert Receiver w/Dual Relay Output
  • Federal Signal Informer (TAR)

Kit Includes:

  • SA3 Controller
  • 12vdc 3amp Power Supply
  • Remote Activation/Test Button w/25 Feet of Cable
  • 1x Pager Connection Cables (Specify if other then Motorola / Unication)
  • 6" Fire Alert Bell
  • Choice of Visual Alerting Device
  • 2x 25' Bell/Light Connection Cables