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Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024

Station Alert Kit 2 (SA812 Controller) w/Your Choice of two Alert devices

Original price $419.95 - Original price $449.95
Original price
$419.95 - $449.95
Current price $449.95

Station Alert 2 Kit comes with a bell and choice of visual alert LED lights. This system is designed to connect directly to a Motorola Monitor or Unication Amplified Charger. It is compatible with Monitor III/IV/V/VI or Unication G Series Amp Charger out of the box.

The SA812 Controller Unit allows for 2 Timed notification device outputs, such as a bell and strobe light, to be activated when a call is dispatched over your communications system with independent time settings. Each device (e.g., LED / Bell) can be set to activate for some time between 1 second and 45 minutes, Independently of each other. Multiple LEDs and Bells can be connected to one controller. The kit will ship with the Bells Set to activate for 5 seconds or LEDs set to activate for 60 Seconds. Timer settings are adjustable by the user. The SA812 also has a secondary trigger terminal for other activation sources to be wired to the unit, such as a remote button or second pager.

This plug-and-play unit requires minimum wiring knowledge to connect the device at your station.

This system works on Low Voltage DC Current and does not require an electrician to install the wiring or devices.

Note: Unication Pagers require the pager to be programmed to activate the internal relay of the amp charger. 

What's Included:
Station Alert 812 (SA812) Controller
Cable for Minitor/Unication Amp Charger
12V 5A Power Supply
50 Feet of Connection Cable
Audible Notification Device
Visual Notification Device