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Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024
Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024

Ceiling Mounted 2 Color Stack Light Black Housing w/Frosted Lens

Original price $84.95 - Original price $84.95
Original price
$84.95 - $84.95
Current price $84.95

LED Notification Stack Light. This light includes blue and red colors with an integrated buzzer for audible notifications when needed. Each Color LED stack can be configured to be steady burning, flashing, or simulated rotating via switches inside each light module. The LED stack light has 4 wires to connect Ground, Red and Blue LEDs as well as the Buzzer wire. This device is primarily 12vdc but can be switched to 24vdc for other applications that may require it. 

The housing is made from black ABS material and is solid and rugged. The lens are a frosted white appearance when LEDs are all off. 

Designed specifically for the SA951 Alert Controller however can be used with other 911 Systems LLC Station Alert Controllers. 

18/4 gauge wire when connection 10 or more units the SA951 Found Here