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Station Alert Kit 1 (SA1 Controller) w/Your Choice of one Alert device

Original price $259.95 - Original price $559.95
Original price
$259.95 - $559.95
Current price $259.95

Station Alert System 1 (SA1) with choice of Bell, Horn, or Strobe. This system is designed to connect directly to a Motorola Minitor or Unication Amplified Charger and is compatible with Monitor III/IV/V/VI or Unication G Series Amp Charger out of the box.

The SA1 Unit allows for 1 Timed notification device such as a bell or strobe light to be activated when a call is dispatched over your communications system. The device can be set to activate for a period of time from 1 second to 60 minutes. We will preset your device to your desired time prior to shipping so please leave comments in the order or the SA1 will ship with the Bell/Horns Set to activate for 5 seconds or Strobes/LEDs set to activate for 60 Seconds.

The unit is plug-and-play and only requires minimum wiring knowledge to connect the device at your station.

This system works on Low Voltage DC Current and does not require an electrician to install the wiring or devices.

What's Included:

Station Alert 1 Box
Cable for Monitor Amp Charger
Power Supply
choice of One Alert/Notification Device
25' Connection Cables for connecting Bell/Horn or Strobe to SA1