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Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024

Station Alert 1-C System (SA1C) Kit w/Becon / Voice Announcement Notification

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Station Alert System 1-C (SA1C) with Red Beacon / Speaker Unit. This system is designed to connect directly to a Motorola Monitor or Unication Amplified Charger and is compatible with Monitor III/IV/V/VI or Unication G Series Amp Charger out of the box.

The SA1C Unit allows the operation of our Beacon / Voice Announcement Unit that will flash a Red LED Beacon once activated and Play any Audio Of Your Choice. Audio Files have to be loaded prior to shipping. It is possible to change out audio files by the user but requires knowledge of audio editing software such as Audacity to perform.

The unit is plug-and-play and only requires minimum wiring knowledge to connect the device at your station.

This system works on Low Voltage DC Current and does not require an electrician to install the wiring or devices.

Note: Unication Pagers Must Be programmed to activate the internal relay, If this is not properly programmed the alert system will not activate.

This item CAN'T play dispatch audio from the pager as it is activated by 12vdc power and plays a pre-recorded message.

What's Included:

Station Alert 1 Box
Cable for Monitor Amp Charger
Power Supply
25' Connection Cables for connecting Bell/Horn or Strobe to SA1
Beacon/Speaker Unit