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Visit us at Harrisburg Fire Expo May 17th & 18th 2024

Station Alert 204 (SA204) Controller Only

Original price $329.95 - Original price $359.95
Original price
$329.95 - $359.95
Current price $329.95

When Pager Alerts, Controller Plays Heart Safe Alert Audio Over PA System & Activates Visual and Audible Notification Devices
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The SA204 controller is designed to play user selected audio to your existing PA Amplifier when the attached Pager alerts for a call. The Message that plays is user configurable on the included Micro-SD Card. 911 Systems LLC Provides a Default Warble Audio File that Ramps Up to Comply with "Heart Safe" Alerting. You can purchase Audio Files from our store or we can create completely custom alert audio files for you. The SA204 also has an output for Visual and Audible Alerting Devices and Remote Button Port for placing an Station Alert Activation Button up to 150 feet from the controller. 

The SA204 Alert Controller I/O:

  • 12VDC 5 Amp Max DC Input Jack
  • 1/8" (3.5mm) Audio Output (Links Controller to PA Audio Amplifier)
  • Pager Link Cable Port Input Connector
  • Remote Activation/Test Button Input Connector (White/White)
  • Audible Alert Device Output Connector (Red/Black)
  • Audible Alert Device Output Connector (Yellow/Black)

This controller can be used with the following Alert Receivers/Pagers:

  • Motorola Minitor Amplified Chargers (Minitor 3 thru 6) w/ CBL1
  • Unication G-Series Amplified Chargers (G1 thru G5) w/ CBL1
  • Swissphone Voice and Alphanumeric Pagers w/Din Port CBL2 or CBL3
  • Veetronix 2TR9A Alert Receiver w/Dual Relay Output
  • Federal Signal Informer (TAR)


This item requires the purchase of a power supply and Pager Link Cable separately.