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Automatic Audio Switch w/Internal Timer Control (AAS)

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The Automatic Audio Switch (AAS) is designed to work with your existing 911 Systems LLC Station alerting products that have the Yellow/Black Connector on the rear. The AAS is designed to provide switched audio to selected speakers on a 25V, 70V or 100V PA Speaker System. The idea behind the AAS is for instance, when you have speakers that should only become live for station alert activations such as when a base station radio / scanner provide audio at all times to all speakers through out the station but would like the Bunk Rooms, Chief's Office & etc. speakers to activate and play audio only when the station alert system is activated. The AAS has a built in timer that is set for 90Seconds (User Adjustable) this time is dependent on power being sent to the AAS by your station alert product. If your LED/Strobe (Yellow/Black Port) is only set to be active for 60 seconds then your AAS will only remain active and provide audio for 60 Seconds. 

The AAS can be used with other solutions as long as 12v-24vdc power is applied to the Yellow (+) and Black (-) Connection. Once power is applied and remains connected to the AAS the internal timer will timeout after 90 Seconds or the power source is disconnected from AAS.

This system can also be used as a relay to provide switched timed power to other devices  supporting 12/24VDC 3A Max. In this scenario you would connect your Sources Ground and Positive wire in to the Black (-) and White (+) connection on the Top Right and then out to your load using the Bottom Right Black (-) and White (+) connection.

We can custom build items similar to this if needed please contact us if you have questions.